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Making Restaurant Level Cha Siu (Chinese Roast Pork) At Home


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Oct 10, 2022
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Making Restaurant Level Cha Siu (Chinese Roast Pork) At Home
Published 5/2023
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Language: English | Size: 728.36 MB | Duration: 0h 36m

Step by step guide to making professional Cha Siu. Taught by institute trained and Michelin starred restaurant chef.

What you'll learn
Cooking Hong Kong restaurant level Char Siu (Chinese barbecue pork) from scratch at home
Prepare the most authentic Char Siu marinade with 20 spices and ingredients
Meat tenderizing skill can be used in other dishes
Wow your family and friends with Hong Kong restaurant quality Char Siu

Temperature adjustable air fryer or oven with grill function is required

This course will cover all the steps you need to cook Hong Kong restaurant-level Cha Siu at home using an air-fryer or a grill oven. Learn all the skills and tricks required from raw meat handling to plating and sauce making. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced cooks, so whether you're new to Chinese cuisine or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to follow along and create restaurant-level Char Siu that is flavoured with 20 kinds of ingredients and spices at home.Features of the course:Detailed recipe document will be providedStep-by-step video guideIngredients calculator that helps you calculate ingredients required based on the weight of the meat that you are using.Chinese ingredients purchasing links for America and The United Kingdom markets.Chinese ingredients substitute guide (if you cannot get hold of some of the Chinese ingredients)Course writer graduated from the Chinese Culinary Institute's Guangdong Barbecue course and has worked as a barbecue chef in a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong.Course outline:IntroductionPreparing Maltose SolutionPreparing Char Siu Sweet Soy SaucePreparing Pork Collar MeatTenderize Meat with Baking SodaMarinate MeatMincing Garlic, Ginger and Shallot by HandSetting Up the GrillFirst GrillSecond GrillServing Char Siu as a DishMaking Char Siu Using Pork Belly CutSourcing IngredientsBy the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to make delicious Char Siu that will impress your family and friends. So, let's get started and dive into the world of Char Siu together!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Recipe Document

Lecture 2 Recipe Document

Section 3: Preparing Maltose Solution

Lecture 3 Preparing Maltose Solution

Section 4: Preparing Char Siu Sweet Soy Sauce

Lecture 4 Preparing Char Siu Sweet Soy Sauce

Section 5: Preparing Pork Collar Meat

Lecture 5 Preparing Pork Collar Meat

Section 6: Tenderize Meat with Baking Soda

Lecture 6 Tenderize Meat with Baking Soda

Section 7: Marinate Meat

Lecture 7 Marinating Meat

Lecture 8 Mincing Garlic, Ginger and Shallot by Hand

Section 8: Grilling Char Siu

Lecture 9 Setting up the Grill

Lecture 10 First Grill

Lecture 11 Second Grill

Section 9: Serving Char Siu as a Dish

Lecture 12 Serving Char Siu as a Dish

Section 10: Making Char Siu Using Pork Belly Cut

Lecture 13 Making Char Siu using Pork Belly Cut

Section 11: Sourcing Ingredients

Lecture 14 Ingredients related references

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