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Run-Command 6.06 + Portable


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Aug 2, 2022
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Run-Command 6.06 + Portable | 1.24 MB |

PRICED TO CLEAR******* The all new "CMD Your Computer Version 2.0" is taking over and so the final copies of this book are to be sold to make way for the revised edition. Please note, there may be very slight printing errors within the last editions ************************************************************ A complete history of command-line interfaces and the effect that commands have had on the modern computer as we know it with every Microsoft Command Prompt, PowerShell and Run command ever listed - with a large overview of purposes, example uses and tutorials on programming simple and advanced batch files. It doesn't matter what you know or don't know about the command line and the power and relevancy that it still holds to this day - CMD Your Computer is the complete and informative guide to using every day "run" commands from your Windows PC all the way to programming your very own tasks to get the job done quicker. All the commands you could sink your keys into; you can have complete control over any Windows system. The books superior in-depth history and encyclopedic nature will give you a thoroughly detailed insight into where it all began and why using the command-line will linger significantly for many years to come.


Run-Command 6.06 + Portable (1.24 MB)

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