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5S And Workplace Organization


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Sep 4, 2023
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5S And Workplace Organization
Published 4/2024
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Applications of 5S and Visual Management

What you'll learn

The 8 Wastes of Lean

How to conduct a 5S Audit

How to apply 5S in a Virtual Setting

How to apply 5S in an office setting

5S Principles and Concepts

How to design and improve a work station for optimal productivity

Fundamentals of process improvement

Principle concepts of visual management

How to create effective dashboards using visual management principles


This is an entry level course, no prior knowledge is required.


The 5S and Workplace Organization Course is the premier course for students wanting to learn more about the use of visual management in a variety of business settings. The course takes students through the principals and applications of the 5S workplace organization system and related concepts. Starting with the basics of 5S, students will learn what to do in the phases of "Sort" "Set in Order" "Shine" "Standardize" and "Sustain". This course helps students learn how the 5S system works and how to start implementing 5S in their workplace today.Throughout this course students will be taken through in-depth discussions on the tools and techniques that are most conducive to starting and sustaining 5S. Additionally, this course includes several real-world examples, activities and games where students can participate and see for themselves the how 5S benefits organizations all through a virtual and simulated environment. And finally, this course goes beyond mere 5S applications in manufacturing and provides specific examples for healthcare applications, admin and office applications, data dashboards and even the design of workcells. The Certified 5S Specialist Course is all you need to become an expert in 5S today.Topics covered in this course:5S - Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize SustainValue Added/Non-Value Added ActivitiesThe 8 WastesRed Tag Events and AuditsShadow BoardsFloor MarkingsLabeling best practicesVisual ManagementWorking StandardsDashboard Best PracticesKPI selection and monitoringChart selection and monitoringOffice applications of 5SVirtual Applications of 5SU shaped work flow design5S and it's role in Lean


Section 1: Introduction to 5S

Lecture 1 Introduction to 5S

Lecture 2 Activity: 5S Cards

Lecture 3 8 Wastes and Value

Lecture 4 5S Examples

Section 2: 5S Tools and Techniques

Lecture 5 Activity: Red Tag Audit

Lecture 6 Set in Order and Shine

Lecture 7 Standardize and Sustain

Section 3: 5S in Office and Virtual Environments || Dashboards

Lecture 8 5S for Office and Virtual Environments

Lecture 9 5S and Dashboards - Part 1

Lecture 10 5S and Dashboards - Part 2

Section 4: Work Cell Design

Lecture 11 Workcell Design Principles and 5S

Lecture 12 Activity: Workcell Design

Lecture 13 5S and Lean

Data Analysts,User Experience Researchers,Industrial Designers,Consultants,Design Engineers,Managers,Industrial and Organizational Psychologists



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