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Blender & Substance Painter: Create A Realistic Bathroom A-Z


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Oct 10, 2022
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Blender & Substance Painter: Create A Realistic Bathroom A-Z
Published 5/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.69 GB | Duration: 2h 7m

The making of the Red Bathroom featured in the movie "The Shining (1980)" with Blender & Substance Painter.

What you'll learn
Perspective matching-how to match your camera to a reference photo
Modeling of a bathroom interior, including furniture
UV unwrapping
UV Packing
Exporting models as FBX
Importing FBX models into Adobe Substance 3D Painter
Blender & Substance 3D Painter workflow: how to export textures for multiple parts of your model in one single texture set
Exporting textures from Substance 3D Painter as an organized texture set
Applying textures exported from Substance 3D Painter in Blender
Setting up the camera
Exporting RAW render images
Processing RAW render images in Adobe Lightroom, or your photo processing software of choice

Basic knowledge of Blender 3D's interface

This is an info-packed course where I pour the knowledge I have accumulated through my work with Blender & Substance painter, but also while working on a project which is the 3D model of the Red Bathroom which was featured in the movie "The Shining" (1980).You'll learn how to match your camera to a real-life reference photo, and get the first stones through the door, with little to no guess work. Moreover, you'll be learning the ultimate gem tips & tricks of how to UV unwrap an architectural model, scale the UV islands proportionally to one another, and texture your model in Substance 3D Painter.I'll guide you through the modeling of the different fixtures, and how to avoid cluttering your RAM memory with unnecessary duplicate objects.You'll learn how to make good use of your UV space, without exporting large textures and losing details.The rendering phase will be filled with advice and tips on how to quickly post-process your image, and bypass the Blender's compositor almost entirely.We'll take the RAW render, which you'll learn how to save through this course, and post-process it in Adobe Lightroom where you can use presets you purchased, or experiment yourself. Adobe Lightroom and other photo processing software are geared towards an intuitive workflow, so you'll work faster than if you were to use Blender's compositor, all while getting superior results.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction: What to Expect & What You'll Learn

Lecture 2 Perspective Matching & Bathroom Modeling

Lecture 3 Modeling Bathroom Fixtures & Mirrors

Lecture 4 Modeling the Urinals & The Doors

Lecture 5 Modeling the Toilet Stalls & the Ceiling Fixtures

Lecture 6 UV Unwrapping 01

Lecture 7 UV Unwrapping 02

Lecture 8 Substance 3D Painter Workflow

Lecture 9 Lighting & Rendering

Blender Beginners,Substance Painter & Blender workflow learners,Architectural visualizers,CG artists,Photographers,"The Shining" (1980) movie fans





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