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Django Visual Guide The Complete Beginner's Handbook To Mastering Web Development Effortlessly Without Prior Programming


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Aug 2, 2022
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English | 5 July 2024 | ASIN: B0D8XG9LBR | 542 pages| Epub | 33 MB​

Django Visual Guide: The Complete Beginner's Handbook to Mastering Web Development Effortlessly Without Prior Programming Experience (Celis, Valeria, Skylark, Atlas, Ocean, David, Bloomfield, Ben)
IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A ROADMAP TO MASTERING WEB DEVELOPMENT, THIS COMPREHENSIVE DJANGO GUIDE IS A PERFECT CHOICEDjango is a powerful tool for building web applications and is highly trusted by developers. It is scalable, flexible, and secure and benefits from extensive community support.This book is designed to help beginners understand the core concepts of Django and web development. Its hands-on approach includes creating real web applications. The guide covers the basics of Django's structure and components to more advanced topics like deploying applications to a production environment.This book will teach you
1. Django Key Concepts
Introduction to web frameworks and Django.
Differences between websites and Django web applications.
Overview of how Django handles HTTP requests and responses.
Explanation of Django's MVT (Model-View-Template) framework.
2. Django Quick Start Guide
Step-by-step instructions on setting up Django, including Python installation, setting up a virtual environment and starting a Django project.
Basic server operations and URL dispatching.
3. Django Models and Databases
Detailed instructions on creating databases and models within Django.
Overview of relational databases, field types, and Django's ORM (Object-Relational Mapping).
4. Create CRUD Web Application
Guide to creating a Django CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application. Usage of Django's generic views and template system.
5. User Management
Implementation of user authentication and management functions. Integration of Django's 'allauth' for social login functionalities.
6. Deploy Django App
Guidance on deploying a Django application, including setting up servers and managing static and media files.

🌞 Contents of Download:
📌 Programming Experience_nodrm.epub (Celis, Valeria, Skylark, Atlas, Ocean, David, Bloomfield, Ben) (33.01 MB)


⭐Django Visual Guide The Complete Beginner's Handbook To Mastering Web Development Effortlessly Without Prior Programming ✅ (33.01 MB)

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