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Master Flutter App Dev By Building A Real Time Chat App


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Sep 4, 2023
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Master Flutter App Dev By Building A Real Time Chat App
Last updated 1/2024
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Complete Flutter Firebase Chat App

What you'll learn

Learn the most basics to advanced knowledge how to make a chatting app and work with flutter firebase

Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Flutter Framework

Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Firebase

How to make advanced query of Firebase

How to design UI in Flutter Framework

Learn the Getx State Management System

Learn about Google, Apple and Facebook Login

Learn how to send notification to users using firebase


Basic of Flutter Framework

A bit of programming knowledge

Flutter installed and configured


You will learn here how to master firebase and flutter by building a real time chat app. It's a course for building iOS and Android app using Flutter. Here I have covered how to build Flutter UI to advanced Flutter concept. But this tutorial mostly focuses on how to build a strong app using firebase.We talked a lot about firebase data storage and how to retrieve them and show on the app. We used a lot of complex queries and conditions to work with. You will learn how to use where() clause, double where() and withConverter() and conditional check. You will also learn about complex processing and listening data update and document updates.We also showed step by step how to examine on the data. At the end of the course you will get the complete source and master flutter and firebase real time chat app building.There are fifty three chapters and each chapter deals with a different topic. And more chapters would be added in future.Screen Features1. Launch screenYou will see it has screen with three slides. The last one lets you enter in the login page.2. Login screenWe used social networking for launch screen. The paid version app includes both Google and Facebook sign in. But you will have issues with Facebook login. We will also do Apple account login.3. Contact screenFrom contact screen you would be able to see how many people have chatted to before. You may choose any to chat back.4. Chatting screenHere you would be able to chat between two people and get instant messages. Currently you send images and texts for chatting.Not only you may send photos on the chat, you may also take photos and send.5. Personal centerHere is your dashboard. You navigate to other screens and logout.6. Allow locationThe app uses user's current location. With this you know who you are chatting to. And there current location.7. Photo view screenHere you can tap on a photo and enlarge it.8. NotificationWe will have notification bar to see when others send message


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction demo about the app

Section 2: App set up

Lecture 2 Create firebase project

Lecture 3 Create firebase android and ios projects with Flutterfire

Section 3: Run on device

Lecture 4 Run on android and ios device

Section 4: Work on UI and Controller

Lecture 5 Work on the welcome screen

Lecture 6 Welcome controller binding and routing

Lecture 7 Set up the route in main.dart file

Lecture 8 Welcome page show three images

Lecture 9 Work on the slides indicator and bind dots with the slides

Section 5: Sign in Page UI and Controller

Lecture 10 Heads up about Google Sign in

Lecture 11 Work on sing in button and create method

Lecture 12 Sign in page and logo

Lecture 13 Work on Sign in controller and Google login button

Lecture 14 Work on Google login and finish

Lecture 15 Save user data to firestore database

Lecture 16 Save user emails in firebase authentication

Lecture 17 Middleware and application page part 1

Lecture 18 Middleware and application page part 2

Section 6: Basic understanding of designing firebase database (no coding necessary here)

Lecture 19 Database design firebase

Section 7: Read firebase data

Lecture 20 Understand how app works with database collection and documents

Lecture 21 Read firebase data and show on contact page part 1

Lecture 22 Read firebase data and show on contact page part 2

Lecture 23 Read firebase data and show on contact page part 3

Lecture 24 Read firebase data and show on contact page part 4

Lecture 25 Read firebase data and show on contact page part 5

Lecture 26 Read firebase data and show on contact page part 6

Lecture 27 Must watch and understand the goChat algorithm

Section 8: Chat page and controller

Lecture 28 Work on chat page and controller part 1

Lecture 29 Work on chat page and controller part 2

Lecture 30 Work on chat page and controller part 3

Lecture 31 Work on chat page and chat controller part 4

Lecture 32 Work on chat page and chat controller part 5

Lecture 33 Work on chat page and controller part 6

Lecture 34 Work on chat page and chat controller send message part 7

Lecture 35 Work on chat page and controller upload file part 8

Lecture 36 Better understanding of firebase document changes (skippable)

Lecture 37 Chat Controller must include doc_id

Section 9: Message page upload image and get history data

Lecture 38 Message page upload image part 1

Lecture 39 Message page and send image part 2

Lecture 40 Message page and how image upload works

Lecture 41 Message page and get the history chat part 3

Lecture 42 Message page and message list part 4

Lecture 43 Message page and show other's message part 5

Lecture 44 Message page and sending messages 6

Lecture 45 Better understanding of Cloud Storage Reference and Child (skippable, no coding)

Section 10: User location

Lecture 46 Get user location

Section 11: Enlarge image and view it

Lecture 47 Enlarge photoview part 1

Lecture 48 Enlarge photoview part 2

Section 12: Profile section read profile data and show and logout

Lecture 49 Profile section and get profile data part 1

Lecture 50 Profile section and ui part 2

Lecture 51 Profile page and ui part 3

Lecture 52 Profile page and ui part 4

Lecture 53 Profile page ui and logout part 5

Section 13: Facebook login

Lecture 54 Flutter Facebook Login part 1

Lecture 55 Flutter Facebook login part 2

Lecture 56 Flutter Facebook login part 3

Lecture 57 Flutter Facebook login part 4

Lecture 58 Flutter Facebook login error part 5

Lecture 59 Logout section

Section 14: Google login error solve

Lecture 60 Google login error solve

Section 15: Communicate between Facebook and Google user using the app

Lecture 61 Facebook and Google user chatting from the app

Section 16: iOS Facebook set up and login

Lecture 62 iOS Facebook set up part 1

Lecture 63 iOS Facebook set up and login part 2

Section 17: Apple account login

Lecture 64 Apple login and create CSR certificate part 1

Section 18: Sending chat notification

Lecture 65 Apple login and create identifiers and app name in app store part 2

Lecture 66 Apple login and enable firebase provider

Lecture 67 Apple login and controller set up part 4

Lecture 68 Apple login successful part 5

Section 19: Notifcation

Lecture 69 Notification plugin install and configuration file part 1

Lecture 70 Notification from postman to device and understand how it works

Lecture 71 Notification from device to device

Lecture 72 Notification device to device talk successful part 4

Lecture 73 Notification go to a new route with on click

Lecture 74 Notification go to a chatting route from background

Lecture 75 Notification go to a new route from postman and learn debugging

Lecture 76 Notification set up for iOS and testing with postman

Lecture 77 Notification on tap and routing iOS and Android

Lecture 78 Notification send sound with Android and iOS part 8

Lecture 79 complete code

Frontend Flutter developers and backend programmers want to learn Firebase,Want to master the basics of Chatting app and Firebase database structure



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